Austin Keen Wins Oktoberfest!

Austin Keen went on an absolute terror in the final two events of the United Skim Tour. With what was called the best skim contest format of all time, Oktoberfest ended the 2012 season with a bang and an air of excitement amongst all the professional riders. Time will tell if the other UST events will be able to utilize a similar format in which the quarter final heats and on were all man-on-man style heats.

The Semi’s were as good as watching two seperate finals, leaving the crowd wondering what more the Final could actually hold. When it came down to those final 15 minutes though, Perry Pruitt out of North Carolina was head to head with Georgia’s finest, Austin Keen. The two young Exile Professionals went back to back with trick upon trick out to waves and exchanging pier wraps and frontside liners and critical maneuvers. Neither held back, and the crowd rewarded them with loud applause with the aid of their Exile/Main Street Cow Bells. The final was neck and neck the whole 15 minutes but most had a good idea that Austin snuck out the win, and in the end the judges agreed. Austin Keen was crowned the 2012 Oktoberfest Champion, worthy of a solid chunk of change in what was the largest pro payout of the year, and a solid soaking of champagne.

Congratulations Austin Keen, and a job well done Perry Pruitt. We’ll see you all next year! Enjoy the Official UST Video right here

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