Bullo Wins Sapo Verde Contest

Miguel Velazquez is a cabo local who has been organizing skim contest for the local people in Cabo the last two years. Miguel has been very committed to pushing skimboarding in Cabo and he’s been doing a great job. This past weekend he put together the “Sapo Verde Skim Contest” that brought to the beach more than 50 skimboarders to compete in 3 categories: beginners, advanced and an open division. The contest took place at a local spot called ” la desaladora” that has been the favorite spot for winter sessions. The contest started on Saturday morning with epic conditions; 7 to 8 feet waves breaking right on shore for both regular and goofy footers.

The open division was run in really difficult conditions but Cabo has some of the best skimboarders in Mexico and even in the world, so the final was still a great show to watch with 2 goofy footers: Juan Nazario and Yan Franssen and two regular riders: Scott Flores and José Villaseñor. And in the end it was Juan Nazario (Exile) who made it to a couple of far out waves and rode all the way to the shore making the big difference with José Villaseñor sticking to nice frontside liners. Juan Nazario was vey consistent in all the competitions he attended in Mexico last year and we are sure you will be reading a lot about him during 2013.

Click the photo below to watch a highlight video of locals shredding in Cabo in the weeks before the contest. Juan Nazario (Exile Pro) is on a Green Exile and is goofy footed and he kills it. Congratulations Bullo!


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