Custom Bottom Art

Let there be nothing holding you back from making your next skimboard the most custom, jaw dropping piece of art around.  We offer fully custom bottom arts.  If you’re looking to put a photo of your cat, dog, girlfriend, boyfriend, or you just want to get wild in photoshop and design something abstract and crazy, the choice is yours!

Our new bottom art technology does not add extra weight, and does not change the strength of your board. w

Examples of Exile Customer designed bottom art…


We have made a template for you to base your artwork on in photosop.


Your art should be CMYK, at a resolution of 150dpi or higher and in proper size, being 25″ x 58″.  You need to utilize and cover the entire area with art, as board placement can vary slightly on the artwork depending on what size board you plan to order.

A couple things to keep in mind:  The board outline is very approximate.  Obviously a size large skimboard will be larger and a size XS will be way smaller. The template is using a size M for scale.

The attached psd is properly sized at 150dpi. You can do higher resolution if you please, but 150 should be sufficient.

Generally the custom buttom arts are an additional $75 to the base price of the board you are choosing, and are only available for our Eglass Epoxy, Sglass Epoxy, and our world famous DBL Carbon Epoxy boards.

If you have any questions at all please call us 949-492-0284, or email us

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