Garrett Abdullah MiniMovie ‘Restless’

Don’t know the name Garrett Abdullah yet, then you must be living under a rock, deep in a cave…  No worries, ‘Restless’ is here to show you what he’s been up to.

Gary, or Larry Gary, or just simply Larry has been on a tear.  We asked him to join us in Cabo for a team trip in October.  His first day at maxed out SolMar he was packing heavy ones, thus proving the kid is dedicated, and puts as much time in the water progressing as anyone in the world.

Learning the trade on the slopes of Laguna Beach, Garrett’s been able to skim all types of conditions.  His skills are vast, and his devotion and dedication to the sport are clear.  Enjoy this epic edit by Giovanni Carbajal.

Ride what Gary rides…

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