Japanese Riders Go Off at M-1

This is a special year for the skimboarders over in Miyazaki, Japan because this year marks the 10th Anniversary for their M-1 Skimboard Festival. The M-1 contest is a two day event held at Hitotsuba, Sun Beach and this year it consisted of 47 competitors and included a professional division. Contest coordinator Kazunori Urakawa has done a great job at making this contest a must go to event. Competitors came from all over Japan in hopes of taking home a win to their respectable towns. As for the professional riders their goal is to perform well enough to get an invitation to the much coveted All Japan Skimboard Championship held later in the year.

The contest was stretched out over a two day period to give the riders the best possible waves throughout the day. Conditions were rocky, literally, but with fun size waves rolling in Exile riders held their own and was able to flood the pro division podium. By day two, the pro division had narrowed itself down to a three man heat final. Exile rider Akihide Takano from Shizuoka ran away with the 1st place win after showing no mercy and powering through every single one of his heats. Walking away with 3rd place another Exile rider Nobuhiro Zushi used his hometown advantage and schooled everyone on how to skim Sun Beach. Congratulations to these guys for killing it this weekend!

Words and Photos by Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas

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