Custom EX1 Skimboard® by Exile Skimboards
Custom EX1 Skimboard® by Exile Skimboards
Sale price: $325.00

The EX-1® Skimboard by Exile Skimboards is the absolute best skimboard you can buy for under $300. Board features include:

  • Superior E-glass Reinforcement
  • Laminated with high performance polyester resin
  • PVC foam core
  • Showroom Gloss Finish and Resin Bottom Art
  • Available in 5 of our World Championship winning Hybrid Shape sizes.

So what are you waiting for?

EX1 Skimboard Size Chart

*Special Note: You are about to order a CUSTOM skimboard. These boards are hand made from the ground up therefore there is some production time needed. Production times vary depending on the time of year, and demand. Even at our busiest, Exile is proud to have the quickest turn around time in the industry. If you have questions please contact us.

**Special Note: The Customer Review section below is designed as a platform for our valued customers to express feedback regarding our products and services. Any feedback is welcomed!

This section is NOT intended as a platform for answering questions regarding our products and services. At Exile Skimboards, we strive to provide our valued customers with the best customer service possible.

If you have ANY questions regarding our skimboards, we encourage you to e-mail for the most timely response.

Choose the size of your custom EX-1 Skimboard.

The EX-1 comes in our World Championship winning Hybrid Shape.
Choose the preferred color combination of your new skimboard. First color will be the top color. Both colors will be on the bottom with a unique design.
Choose where you want the logo to be placed on the board. All EX-1s come with the EX-1 logo on the right rail.
Choose the color of your logos.
Choose the style of Exile logo you would like here.

You may now choose between our Gloss and Textured Finish for the EX1. Textured finishes turn out a little lighter, a little strong and a little more durable. Gloss finishes look pretty and traction adheres easily to it.

Check here If you have a special request.
If there is anything special you want with your custom order, please tell us here. If we have any questions we will contact you.

Customer Reviews

Review by  Caleb
(posted on Apr 03, 2015)
Hi I was wanting to know if a large sized board would be to big for me because I am 14 I weigh 120 and Iam 5,11 but I know I will grow a lot more in the future

Hi Caleb,
For prompter responses, we encourage everyone to e-mail

That being said, even with a significant growth spurt, we feel a size Large would be much too big for you at the moment. A size small would ideally fit you, and even give you some room to grow (100 - 155lbs). If you were a little worried, then you could potentially get a size M (medium), but we wouldn't go any bigger than that to allow you maximum maneuverability. We hope this helps!
Review by  Bautista
(posted on Mar 03, 2015)
Hi exile, do you ship to South America?

And if yes, is free shiping with orders over $100?

Hi Bautista,
For prompter responses, we recommend e-mailing

We can ship anywhere in the world. Unfortunately the free shipping option is only for orders within the United States. We hope this helps!
Review by  land
(posted on Feb 24, 2015)
hi i just ordered an ex1 and i am 90 pounds i was wondering if 5/8 would get me out to the waves just as well as 3/4. The only reason i ask is because on the forums people say 3/4 is better for getting out to the waves

Hi Land,
For prompter responses, we encourage everyone to e-mail

That being said, 5/8" thickness is proven to work just fine as long as you are within the weight recommendation for the board. 3/4" simply improves the float of the board. We hope this helps!
Review by  dawrin
(posted on Feb 04, 2015)
is it possible to get a custom skimboard with the top snow white and the resin art like brad domke pro model

Hi Dawrin,
For prompter responses, we encourage anyone with questions to e-mail

This is a fairly complicated question due to how each board is constructed. Please e-mail us for a detailed answer.
Review by  kia
(posted on Jan 25, 2015)
do you guys ship to the caribbean

Hi Kia,

For the quickest response please send all inquiries to

That being said, yes. We can and do ship to the Caribbean and most places around the globe.
Review by  john
(posted on Jan 25, 2015)
is it possible to get the ex1 exactly like brad domke pro model with his signature.

Unfortunately we don't make Brad's pro model in any materials other than the Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy. If you want his pro model, you have to get his pro model.
Review by  john
(posted on Jan 23, 2015)
How long would it take to ship a custom board to St.Louis?

Hi John,
For prompter responses to questions we recommend e-mailing

That being said, typical production time is about a week and half to two weeks to build, and then about 5 business days to ship to most places. We have the quickest turn around time in the industry!
Review by  Bing Banta
(posted on Jan 20, 2015)
i weigh about 190 what size do y'all think i should get is large to small?

For prompter replies, please e-mail

That being said, a size L could definitely work for you if you are fast, and/or skim more powerful waves. If that isn't the case, you may want to consider the XL size.
Review by  drew
(posted on Dec 03, 2014)
could u make this a fish tale?

Hi Drew,
For prompter responses, we encourage everyone to e-mail any questions to

That being said, the EX1 is only available in the Hybrid Shape in the designated thicknesses. For a Fish tail, you will need to go with our Recruit materials or higher.
Review by  Connor
(posted on Nov 30, 2014)
Hi, I am 5'4 and 120 pounds what size should I get thanks

Hi Connor,
For prompter responses we encourage everyone to ask questions at instead of here on the reviews.

That being said, a size S (small) EX1 should be a proper size for your weight.
Review by  thomas
(posted on Nov 23, 2014)
Hi Exile,
I was looking at the Sam Stinnett pro mdel board and I really like the design on that board. Would it be possible to have the design from the Sam Stinnett pro model on the EX1? Also, I am around 5'3 112lbs and im expecting a growth spurt. Should I get a medium size board?

Hi Thomas,
For prompter responses we really encourage people to ask any questions at instead of in the review section.

That being said, you could get a "similar" look to a Sam Stinnett Pro Model in the EX1 materials. We could copy the bottom art, and you could choose either black or yellow for the top of the board. To get all the features such as the pro shape, Sam rocker, etc.. You will have to actually go with a Sam Stinnett pro model.

Even with a significant growth spurt, we feel a Medium size might be a little big for you. We feel fairly confident that a size small should work just fine.
Review by  Jake
(posted on Nov 12, 2014)
I weigh about 120 pounds would it be ok if i get a medium.

Hi Jake,

For prompter responses please e-mail, To answer your question, you could certainly go with a size Medium. It may feel a little big on you on days when the waves are a little closer to shore and/or more powerful. If you think you will be having a growth spurt it could be a very good idea.

Review by  kook
(posted on Nov 09, 2014)
what is the shipping price to florida and can i only get the board online?

We offer free shipping on orders over $100. We also have a number of retailers in Florida if you would prefer to shop in person. For more information, and for prompter replies, please e-mail or give us a call 1-949-492-0284.
Review by  Cabe
(posted on Oct 30, 2014)
Hi Exile,
Can you have a fully cherry red EX1 board?


Hi Cabe,
For faster responses, please e-mail To answer your question we should be able to make a full cherry red EX1 Skimboard. Simply put that in the special request when ordering.
Review by  Brendan
(posted on Oct 28, 2014)
I have been considering purchasing and EX-1 skimboard, I am about 5 7' and 135 lbs and I was thinking about getting a medium. I was wondering if you would be able to put the American flag on the bottom of my board. the top would be snow white.

Hi Brendan,
Thank you for your considering the Exile EX1. While we are clearly bias we believe it's the best skimboard in its class hands down! A Medium size should definitely work for you, and would even leave room for growth. Please e-mail us regarding the art on the bottom. We can do all types of art on the bottom of boards, but the conversations tend to get lengthy, and more appropriate for e-mail. For prompter replies and to discuss art please e-mail

Review by  pito
(posted on Sep 13, 2014)
you ship boards to Europe??

Hi Pito,
For prompter responses we recommend e-mailing That being said, we can and commonly ship to all of Europe. Our online rate quoter gives pretty accurate quotes for shipping to Europe. Most countries generally run about $75 for 6-10 USPS priority international mail. Please direct any further questions to

Exile (HS)
Review by  phillard
(posted on Sep 11, 2014)
hi I am a pretty advanced skimmer and am looking to bost my game up to some bigger waves is this the right board for me

RESPONSE: Hey Phillard, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards. For more prompter responses to questions, please email The Ex-1 is an excellent board and has been a quite popular choice with customers lately. The Ex-1 is made with extra reinforcement to sustain tough wave conditions. If you skim everyday in bigger waves, then you might even want to consider getting a double carbon fiber epoxy board. The Ex-1 starts at $299 and the double carbon starts at $459. Both are excellent choices of boards and you can't go wrong with either of them. If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at info@exileskimboards or give us a call at (949)-492-0284.

Review by  111
(posted on Sep 08, 2014)
hey i am 160 lbs and want a board that will last my weight through highschool... I play football and workout alot so i am gaining weight in muscle.
should i get a medium or large? And can you send me all the colors of the customizable boards.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For more prompter responses to questions, please email I would definitely go with the large, if you are still working out and planning to gain more muscle throughout high school. Depending on your price range, you can even upgrade materials, to The Recruit. The Recruit is $40.00 more then The Ex-1 and is made with an upgraded resin system. The Recruit comes in all shapes that we currently have; the pro shape, the hybrid shape, dude cruise, or Chub Scout. The Ex-1 comes in only the hybrid shape. Both are tremendous boards and are great choices to think about when deciding on what board you want next. For our color choices, please visit our website, Once you have gotten to our homepage, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. You should be able to see a small picture of our online catalog. Click it. Go to page 007 and you will able to see our color palette options. For any more questions, please email or give us a call at (949)-492-0284.

Review by  Matt
(posted on Jul 30, 2014)
I'm deciding whether I want the exile ex1 or a pro shape. What are some differences other than the shape of these boards? Also, would the pro model float better if both boards were 3/4? Thanks!

The EX1 is only available in our Hybrid Shape. If you bump up to better materials (think Recruit, and epoxy boards)the pro shape is available. So not only is there going to be a difference in shape, but also the overall strength and durability of the board. As long as you pick a proper size for your weight either shape should float you just fine! For more prompt responses, please e-mail
-Exile (HS)
Review by  BR
(posted on Jul 26, 2014)
Do you guys ship to Brasil?
How many it would cost?

Response: Hi BR, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For prompter responses to questions please email We can ship directly to Brasil but, the process is very long and pretty pricey. We have a distributor by the name of Andre who you can email and get in contact with in regards to purchasing a board. His email is For any further questions, please email

Review by  Kal
(posted on Jun 27, 2014)
If you are looking to purchase a board how can you see how the design on the bottom looks and also the color combinations of the board?

Hi Kal,

For prompter responses please e-mail Each EX-1 is hand made, and therefore the bottom designs all turn out different. It would be pretty tough for us to have examples of all the types of designs possible. If you have a specific bottom design you would like, feel free to e-mail us your idea, and we are happy to try and accommodate any request. Please send any further questions in
-Exile (HS)
Review by  scott
(posted on Jun 12, 2014)
hey exile... ive been skimboarding for a few years and want a board that cant slide fast and get me out to deep waters to ride the waves. would this be a good board or is this more for flatground small waves??

Hey Scott,
Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For prompter replies please e-mail
The EX-1 is the perfect board for sliding out to waves and riding them. It's specifically designed for riders who are just beginning to ride waves.
For any other questions please e-mail
-Exile (BH)
Review by  Jolly
(posted on Jun 03, 2014)
I'm just starting but I' wanna ride some big waves , and I want to go straight to a good board and learn from there instead of upgrading and upgrading , and I want a board that can float well and I can surf some waves ! what board do you recommend ?!

RESPONSE: Hi Jolly, The EX1 sounds perfect for you. It can definitely get you up and running and can definitely help you to ride some waves. It is a great all around board!
Review by  Ezra
(posted on May 14, 2014)
I'm comparing this board to the customizable recruit. I have the basics of skimboarding down, but i'm having trouble reaching waves on my current board. I live in Oahu and need a board that is fast and maneuverable enough to get me out to the far out waves. I'm 5'7 and 150 pounds. Which of these two boards should I go with, and what size?

RESPONSE: Please email us at or call us 949-492-0284 and we can help you get the right board!
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