Custom Pro Model Epoxy Skimboard by Exile Skimboards
Custom Pro Model Epoxy Skimboard by Exile Skimboards
Sale price: $519.00

Our Custom Pro Model Epoxy Skimboards are available in 3 different types of reinforcment.Size charts for both the Hybrid and Pro Shape are available in the following links as well.

Read all about E-Glass Epoxy

Read all about S-Glass Epoxy

Read all about Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy

*Special Note: You are about to order a CUSTOM skimboard. These boards are hand made from the ground up therefore there is some production time needed. Production times vary depending on the time of year, and demand. Even at our busiest, Exile is proud to have the fastest turn around time in the industry. If you have questions, please contact us.

**Special Note: The Customer Review section below is designed as a platform for our valued customers to express feedback regarding our products and services. Any feedback is welcomed!

This section is NOT intended as a platform for answering questions regarding our products and services. At Exile Skimboards, we strive to provide our valued customers with the best customer service possible.

If you have ANY questions regarding our skimboards, we encourage you to e-mail for the most timely response.

Choose the size of your custom skimboard.  (SIZE CHART)

Choose the shape of your new skimboard.  Austin Keen, Brad Domke and Blair Conklin pro models come standard in our Hybrid Shape. Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas and Sam Stinnett pro models come standard in our Pro Shape. Of course the boards are fully customizable to fit your style.

The Pro's all ride Carbon Fiber, but if you would like to save a buck you can downgrade to S-Glass or E-Glass.

Exile offers 3 no cost weight options for our Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy line of boards. Select your preference here.

All pro models come standard in 5/8" EXCEPT Keiao Bucwa-Bucasas which is 3/4" tapered to 5/8".

Choose the top color of your new skimboard, or select "standard pro model colors" to get the top color the pro model comes in.

Choose the standard pro model bottom design or customize the bottom as you would like it!

Please choose up to 3 colors for the resin bottom art, and leave us a note in the special request box if you have a particular design in mind...Otherwise we will get wild with it!

The pro models come with standardized logos and art on the top, but you can modify the color of the logo to your liking...

NT™ Finish (new texture finish) combines the strength and lightness of our classic textured finish with great cosmetics for improved looks and less prep for traction adhesion.

Textured Finish is Exile's industry leading finish of the last 10 years.

Our team riders prefer both the NT™ and Classic Textured Finishes

Gloss finishes look pretty and traction sticks to it easily. 

Choose your rocker here. The Austin Keen, Blair Conklin and Keiao Bucasas models come standard with our Hybrid Rocker.

Domke's model comes standard with the Domke rocker. Domke rocker is the same rocker profile as the hybrid rocker but with less of it. This makes the board faster but less manueverable.

Sam Stinnett's model comes with the Sam Rocker. Sam rocker is the same rocker profile as the hybrid rocker but with more of it. This makes the board more manueverable but slightly slower. As always, we are happy to build the board of your dreams!

Check here if you have any special requests.
If there is anything special you want with your custom board order, please tell us here.  If we have questions we will contact you.

Customer Reviews

Review by  JTW
(posted on Mar 17, 2015)
The NT finish is awesome looking, really like it.
Review by  Stephen Marteo
(posted on Mar 11, 2015)
Was wondering i orderrd online and didnt have the same board in shop will my order change online so instead of the. Certain color i got a different one but my order hasnt changed online

Hi Stephen,
For prompter responses, we encourage everyone to e-mail

We are having a little trouble understanding your exact question. If you would please e-mail us, we would be happy to help you in anyway possible.
Review by  Dan Montenegro
(posted on Aug 10, 2014)
I was wondering if you guys put my name on the board. like a nickname or something.

RESPONSE: Hey Dan, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For prompter responses to questions, please email We can put just about anything you want on a skimboard, whether that be a custom logo you made, any nicknames you might have, etc.. We also have the option for bottom board art, which I have put a link for below;
For any further questions please email,

Exile -(BH)
Review by  CB
(posted on Jun 20, 2014)
Review by  spencer
(posted on Jun 15, 2014)
how can we tell what the different bottom arts look like?

Hi Spencer,
Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For prompter responses, please e-mail
That being said, we are currently working on a gallery where you can view all the bottom art options. In the mean time please feel free to e-mail us, and we can send you examples of arts that are available. We hope this helps. For any future questions please e-mail
-Exile (HS)
Review by  bob
(posted on Jun 11, 2014)
on the front page for choosing which model you want, what yellow is the Dude! Cruise? canary or snow cone

That would be Canary Yellow!
Review by  kyle
(posted on Jan 07, 2014)
Is the brad domke bottom for the customized boards the same bottom as his pro model ??

Hey Kyle,
Those two bottoms are one in the same.

For prompter responses please e-mail
Review by  Shanti
(posted on Nov 17, 2013)
I'm so stoked I went with a double carb exile, it's lighter, faster, and all around better than any board I've ridden. I'm 6'0",145lbs and the 5/8" medium was a perfect size choice for me. I've gotten at least 10 times better at skimming with it than I was before and it was worth every penny!
Review by  Exile Skimboards
(posted on Aug 28, 2013)
To Our Valued Customers,

We try to answer questions as quickly as possible. Customer reviews are not the best place to have your questions answered in a thorough and timely manner.
Please direct any and all questions to

Review by  jj
(posted on Aug 05, 2013)
is there a way I can get the crown?

Just make a note in the special request box. For prompter response, please e-mail

-Exile Skimboards
Review by  bro bro
(posted on Jul 13, 2013)
can you guys make a 41 inch long board?

Our SuperG size Small is a 40.13" x 17.88" board which would be the closest stock, and proven shape that we have. Of course we can do custom sizes if need be. We tend to recommend shapes that are already created however as they are time test to work. We hope this helps. If you have any further questions please direct them to

Review by  BSKIMS
(posted on May 26, 2013)
Does anyone know the color of Blair Conklins like blue green board?

That color is our "Teal" or "Turquoise". We hope this helps! Please direct any further questions to

Review by  mordz
(posted on Nov 19, 2012)
Review by  wang
(posted on Jul 29, 2012)

Review by  Fabio PT
(posted on Jun 05, 2012)
Brandon Sears pro model is beautifull! I want that board
Review by  billy billy
(posted on May 20, 2012)
so sick!!
Review by  domke's dad
(posted on Apr 14, 2012)
domke stop posting reviews of your own pro model
Review by  jerry
(posted on Mar 26, 2012)
this board is honestly the best board i have ever ridden. its fast, maintains float when u need it most, and the 5/8 thickness makes it super easy to get the board around when trying to nail a 360 shuv or a big spin.. i'll never ride another brand as long as exile is around!
Review by  CHOYERO!
(posted on Jan 26, 2012)
Review by  Ali
(posted on Sep 06, 2011)
best shape awsome board thanks exile ;)
Review by  pj
(posted on Aug 23, 2011)
best board i ever riden
Review by  H
(posted on Jul 26, 2011)
Review by  cbrads
(posted on Jul 25, 2011)
best board i have ever joke, u wil never get a better ride on any other board
Review by  kbeach
(posted on May 24, 2011)
very good!
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