Small Hybrid Shape 5/8" EX1 Skimboard- Textured Finish
Small Hybrid Shape 5/8" EX1 Skimboard- Textured Finish
Sale price: $325.00

THE EX-1 IS THE BEST BOARD AVAILABLE FOR UNDER $300. MANUFACTURED ONLY with superior E-glass reinforcement, Polyester Resin, PVC Core, and a showroom gloss finish. This board is the perfect step up for riders looking to start riding waves and progress in the sport. It comes in 5 of our World Championship winning Hybrid Shape sizes. Here are the features of this board:

E-GLASS is the most common fiber reinforcement used in the composites world. It is popular because it offers very good performance for how much it costs. It is not as strong or stiff as the higher priced Sglass and Carbon, but is still a high quality material. Our Eglass boards are constructed exactly like the high end Sglass and Carbon but with this more inexpensive material. They are also glassed a little heavier to compensate for some of the loss of strength and stiffness.

HYBRID SHAPE - Our best selling shape is well suited for riders at any skill level. Hybrids are a little shorter than most boards with a slightly blunted nose. This results in a board that sits comfortably in the pocket and makes it easy to wrap the wave. The increased nose area also makes it possible to squeeze additional speed out of the board by pumping hard and leaning forward.

HYBRID SHAPE - is recommended for riders of any skill level between lbs. This board measures " x "

RESIN ART - Exile is introducing resin art on the bottom of our boards. This is a slightly more economical way to add a little extra individual style to the bottom of the board without adding any extra weight.

 5/8" THICKNESS - 5/8" is the thinner of the two options that exile offers.  The thinner profile makes the boards turn on a dime relative to their thicker brethren.  The additional manueverability does come at the cost of a little bit of speed, however.