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Exile Skimboards first team DVD!

Before STIMULUS there was BEARDED, which was voted best skimboarding dvd of all time, and some still regard it as that. This is the skimboarding dvd that took skimboarding dvds to the next level!

Released in 2005, this dvd takes you around the world with the best cameras, filming, riders and editing to create the finest skimboard movie money can buy.

TRT: 34 Minutes plus over an hour of bonus footage, alternate edits and more!

If you haven't already seen this movie, we'd say its about time you picked up a copy!!

Customer Reviews

Review by  Akhigbe
(posted on Jul 08, 2013)
hey exile give me a handI just started Skimming last year july retlncey i just landed my first tre shove and b4 that about a month b4 i cought me first sider to a 3 foot wave (im 5 feet tall). i was thinking about gettin a board fish like dude cruise, , can u tell if i made a good chose, and if i should get one.

We think you would be extremely with a Dude Cruise board as so many of our other customers have been. Make sure to check out our Dude! Cruise video on our YouTube page if you have any doubts!
Review by  Aaron Raguse
(posted on Aug 23, 2011)
I rate this as good as stimulus, they are all great, EXILE FTW.
Review by  lucassmarker
(posted on Apr 18, 2011)
5 stars for sure, this movie is just one that you need to have, so you can show people who dont skim. the waves and skimming is fantastic, (not quite as good as stimulus) and the vibe and comedy in this movie just makes it awesome. the bonus section is really great too. its one of those skim movies where you just gotta watch it with a group of friends and grab the popcorn, soda, and snuggie and just have a good time watching it.

stimulus: you just gotta have so you can use it as reference and just watch over and over again.
bearded: you just gotta have so you can have a fun and not so serious skim DVD
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