Custom Brad Domke Double Dagger Shape 5/8" 2017 Brad Domke Signature Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy Pro Model Skimboard - NT Finish
Custom Brad Domke Double Dagger Shape 5/8" 2017 Brad Domke Signature Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy Pro Model Skimboard - NT Finish
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MANUFACTURED ONLY from the highest quality fabrics, epoxy, and PVC core, our carbon fiber skimboards are well tested by the best skimboarders in the world, in the heaviest conditions on earth.  Here are some of the features of this board.

DOUBLE CARBON FIBER - Carbon Fiber is practically synonymous with top of the line in any industry. This fabric is highly coveted in skimboards for its extreme strength and stiffness. Carbon fiber fabrics are about twice as strong and stiff as E-Glass. Boards made with this material come out a little stronger, a little lighter and a whole lot stiffer than S-Glass boards.

HYBRID SHAPE - Our best selling shape is well suited for riders at any skill level. Hybrids are a little shorter than most boards with a slightly blunted nose. This results in a board that sits comfortably in the pocket and makes it easy to wrap the wave. The increased nose area also makes it possible to squeeze additional speed out of the board by pumping hard and leaning forward.

5/8" THICKNESS - 5/8" is the thinner of the two options that exile offers.  The thinner profile makes the boards turn on a dime relative to their thicker brethren.  The additional manueverability does come at the cost of a little bit of speed, however.

THE DOMKE ROCKER has slightly less rocker in the nose than Paulo's rocker, and an even larger flat spot in the middle of the board. This drastically increase the speed of the board, especially while side-slipping. This rocker will also make the board a little tougher to ride, especially on beaches with steep sand to water transfers. This rocker is a popular choice for East Coasters, but is still very ridable on the west coast as Brad proves time and time again.

NT FINISH - Our NT Finish (New Texture Finish0 is a high performance option that no other manufacturer offers (though some try to imitate) and new for 2014. This finish combines the strength, durability and slightly lighter attributes of our classic textured finish with great cosmetics for improve looks with no compromise in strength. This finish is also slightly smoother than our classic textured finish and requires slightly less prep work for proper traction adhesion.

RESIN ART -Resin bottom art is a slightly more economical way to add a little extra individual style to the bottom of the board without adding any extra weight.Because every board is hand made they are all slightly different.

*SPECIAL NOTE: You are about to order a CUSTOM skimboard. These boards are hand made fromt eh ground up, and therefore, there is some production time needed. Production times vary depending on the time of year and demand. Even at our busies, Exile is proud to have the fastest turn around time in the industry.

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