Custom Dude! Cruise Epoxy Skimboard by Exile Skimboards
Custom Dude! Cruise Epoxy Skimboard by Exile Skimboards
Sale price: $420.00

Choose the size of your Dude! Cruise.  (SIZE CHART

Grom Cruise (smallest one) 48.50" x 20.40"
Yacht (smaller one): 50.30" x 21.00" Tail points are 5" apart
Cruise Ship (medium one): 50.50" x 21.40" Tail points are 5.5" apart
USS Excelsior (largest one): 52.50" x 22.00" Tail points are 5.5" apart


Please choose the reinforcement fabric to be used in your new skimboard!

Exile offers 3 no cost weight options for our Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy Line of boards. Choose your preferred weight here!
Choose the thickness of your new skimboard.

Choose your preferred color for the top of your skimboard.

Choose the bottom color for your board (if you are going to choose hi-res bottom art, choose "I Want Bottom Art", if you are going to choose resin bottom art, choose "I Want Resin Bottom Art" and put the three colors you want in the special request box)

IF you would like bottom art on your skimboard, choose it here!

High Resolution bottom arts add a little extra weight as well as extra durability to the bottom of the board.

Please choose up to 3 colors for the resin bottom art here, and don't forget to leave us a comment in the special request if you have a particular design in mind...Otherwise we will get wild with it!
Choose which style logo you want on your skimboard.

Choose where you want the logo to be placed on the board.

Choose the color of your logo.

NT™ Finish (new textured finish) has the strength and durability of our classic textured finishe, with great cosmetics for improved looks and no compromise in strength. Less prep need for proper traction adhesion

Textured Finish is Exile's industry leading finish for the past 10 years.

Gloss finishes look pretty and traction sticks to it easily. 

Hybrid rocker comes standard but you may substitute Domke rocker at no additional charge if you like.  Domke rocker is the same rocker profile as the hybrid rocker but with less of it.  This makes the board faster but less manueverable.  Sam rock is the same rocker profile as the hybrid rocker but with more of it. This makes the board more manueverable, especially in larger conditions, but slightly slower. The Sam and Domke rockers are recommended to experienced riders who want to maximize speed or performance.
Check here If you have a special request.
If there is anything special you want with your custom board order, please tell us here.  If we have questions we will contact you.

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Review by  193RD
(posted on May 06, 2015)
dis stick makes me shwak 1/2inch waves like da best gulf coast shreddaredda fuh lyf333 193rd in da paint B0AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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