Custom Hybrid or Pro Shape Epoxy Skimboard by Exile Skimboards
Custom Hybrid or Pro Shape Epoxy Skimboard by Exile Skimboards
Sale price: $420.00

Our Custom Hybrid or Pro Shape Epoxy Skimboards are available in 3 different types of reinforcment.Size charts for both the Hybrid and Pro Shape are available in the following links as well.

Read all about E-Glass Epoxy

Read all about S-Glass Epoxy

Read all about Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy

*Special Note: You are about to order a CUSTOM skimboard. These boards are hand made from the ground up therefore there is some production time needed. Production times vary depending on the time of year, and demand. Even at our busiest, Exile is proud to have the fastest turn around time in the industry. If you have questions, please contact us.

**Special Note: The Customer Review section below is designed as a platform for our valued customers to express feedback regarding our products and services. Any feedback is welcomed!

This section is NOT intended as a platform for answering questions regarding our products and services. At Exile Skimboards, we strive to provide our valued customers with the best customer service possible.

If you have ANY questions regarding our skimboards, we encourage you to e-mail for the most timely response.

Choose the size of your custom skimboard.  (SIZE CHART)

Choose the shape of your new skimboard.

Please choose the reinforcement fabric to be used in your new skimboard!

Exile offers 3 different weight options for our Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy line of boards. Choose your preference here.

Add Deck Channels as seen on Sam Stinnett's 2016 Pro Model. These channels act as a parabolic rail, increasing the stiffness of the board. They also provide a functional groove for your hand when grabbing the rail of the board.

This option allows for a thinner middle of the board than along the rails to give the board a more 'skatey' feel. It's brand new and highly endorsed by team rider Tim Fulton.

Choose the thickness of your new skimboard.

Choose your preferred color for the top of your skimboard.

Choose the bottom color for your board (if you are going to choose bottom art, choose "I Want Bottom Art". if you are goin to choose resin bottom art, choose "I Want Resin Bottom Art" and choose your 3 colors in the special request box).

If you would like bottom art on your skimboard, choose it here! High Resolution bottom art adds a little weight as well as some added durability to the bottom of the board.

Please choose up to 3 colors you'd like for your resin bottom art, and remember to leave us a note in the special request regarding any type of design you may want...Otherwise we will get wild!
Choose which style logo you want on your skimboard.

Choose where you want the logo to be placed on the board.

Choose the color of your logo.

NT™ Finish (New Texture Finish) is more durable and adds strength, while reduces weight. This finish is more cosmetically perfect, and less prep is required to adhere traction than ever before!

Textured Finish is Exile industry leading finish for the past 10 years.

Gloss finishes look pretty and traction sticks to it easily. 

Hybrid rocker comes standard but you may substitute Domke rocker at no additional charge if you like.  Domke rocker is the same rocker profile as the hybrid rocker but with less of it.  This makes the board faster but less manueverable.  Sam rocker is the same rocker profile as the hybrid rocker but with more of it. This makes the board slightly slower but more manueverable, especially in larger conditions. These two rockers are recommended to experienced riders who want to maximize speed or performance.
Check here if you have a special request.
If there is anything special you want with your custom board order, please tell us here.  If we have questions we will contact you.

Customer Reviews

Review by  Ryan Sikes
(posted on Dec 09, 2016)
Looking to get sponsored using this great board! Thx Exile!
Review by  Brandon
(posted on Jun 08, 2015)
Let me start by saying I wish I could give Exile 10/5 stars at least. Exile is amazing in every aspect of what they do. I originally ordered a deep blue, hybrid, carbon fiber, 3/4" - 5/8" tapered to the nose, XXL, hybrid rocker, standard build, + resin art (along with a tail pad and arch bar). Through this whole process a guy named Hank Snapp has been keeping me up to date on all things about my board and answering all of the questions I had, customer service has been amazing. My first board they made the "z" in my last name (for resin art) was messed up and looked like an "N". Hank explained how this happened (being that it is a more difficult process than most people know) and he was very understanding with my frustration. Being the kick-ass dude he is they started on a new one (I changed the resin art design just because I wanted to) and threw me in a board bag (because like I said they are kick-ass). The board and traction has come in and everything is great, works great in all conditions and the resin art is better than I could have imagined. Currently my board bag is underway and I'm real stoked to get it, thanks for everything Exile! If anybody wants to see how the board turned out you can take a look on my Instagram @fritz_ride99
Review by  Kai
(posted on Dec 03, 2014)
Hey Exile
What's the difference between canary yellow and snowcone yellow?

Hey Kai,
For prompter responses, we encourage everyone to e-mail instead of here on the reviews.

That being said, the canary yellow is more of a pastel and lighter yellow, where as the snowcone yellow is more of a firetruck yellow. We hope this helps!
Review by  Gage
(posted on Nov 18, 2014)
Hey for the resin art can I have a huge sponge bob on my board and will it cost extra

Hi Gage,
For prompter responses please e-mail

To answer your question, we could put a sponge bob in the resin art at no extra charge. Due to the nature of this art its going to turn out looking very "abstract". For it to look photo quality we would need a high resolution file, and that does cost extra. For more information please contact us via e-mail at

Review by  AIDEN
(posted on Sep 30, 2014)
Would I be able to have a board with the same shape as Nolan Rodgers?

Hey Aiden, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards. If you want the same board as Nolan Rodgers, just let us know by contacting us at info@exileskimboards or call us at (949)-492-0284 when your ready to order a board.

Review by  Lawrence
(posted on Sep 14, 2014)
Is there a way we can see how all the resin art looks like?

RESPONSE: Hi Lawrence, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards. For prompter responses to questions, please email There is a way to see what our Resin Art looks like. If you go onto our website, and scroll all the way to the bottom, you should be able to view our online catalog that has examples of the Resin Art on boards as well as the different patterns that we offer. That should be able to be viewed on Page 006. If you have any more questions please email us at or give us a call at (949)-492-0284.

Review by  Henry
(posted on Aug 27, 2014)
Hey guys, I was wondering if it would cost extra money to do more than 1 color on the top of the board? Also, I am deciding between a 3/4 pro or 3/4 hybrid. Would the hybrid float better because of the added area by the nose?

RESPONSE: Hey Henry, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For more prompter responses to questions, please email It doesn't cost any extra money to do more then one color on the top. Deciding on a 3/4's Pro or 3/4's Hybrid , to be honest it just depends on where you are skimming at. Most of our riders are riding the Hybrid Shape right now. Both are excellent shapes to choose from. The hybrid shape's nose is wider, so it will definitely help with float, along with being able to push through flatter sections of a wave or liner. Depending on what shape you choose, I would recommend getting a 3/4's tapered. The tapering of the board means that, we plane down the nose and the tail to 5/8's. This keeps the board more responsive and manuverable on waves. We do this otherwise specified by the customer. If you have any more questions please feel free to email us at or give us a call at (949)-492-0284.

Review by  Stoked rider
(posted on Aug 24, 2014)
How does custom art/ resin art work exactly? And how much does it cost? I'm looking to get another hybrid from you guys but i would like to put artwork on the bottom. I was wondering how much it would cost to get just a full scale pineapple put on the bottom?

(Review) I ordered my first board, an exile hybrid M/S, from you guys about a year ago and it was awesome! Great float, maneuverability, and overall quality. I remember that you guys had such great custom service too! So much patience and helpful answers about sizes, etc. You guys rock! Super stoked to be lucky enough to ride an Exile! Thankssss (:

RESPONSE: Hey Stoked rider, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For more prompter replies to questions please email The bottom board/custom art is basically anything you can think of, from a picture of someone, to custom art designed in Photoshop (a full scale pineapple) that we can put on the bottom of the board. The art is made with extra material, so this does add a tiny bit of weight to the board; just something to keep in mind when ordering and going through the type of build process you would like. Bottom printed board art runs at $50.00. I've attached a link that explains what the requirements are and how the photo/art needs to be sent Resin bottom board art is colored resin that we can put in different patterns, lines, shapes, etc. Resin board art does not add any extra weight to the board. Resin board art is $20.00. If you have any more questions please feel free to email us at or give us a call at (949)-492-0284.

Review by  Jesus
(posted on Aug 12, 2014)
Is it possible to do two colors for top also please explain thin or tapered board

Hey Jesus, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For prompter replies to questions, please email It is possible to do two colors for the top of a board. However, we can't promise that the board will look perfect. Different colors for a top of a board tend to bleed and get mixed in with other colors. We try our very best to make the best board for our customers.
A tapered board is 3/4" in the middle, shaved down to 5/8" in the nose and tail. We taper our 3/4" boards in the nose and tail, unless other wise specified by the customer. We do this so that the boards are more responsive when turning and wrapping on a wave.
For any more questions please email us at or give us a call at (949)-492-0284.

Thanks !!
Review by  Swag Bot
(posted on Jun 26, 2014)
Got my board in time for the beach and loved what I saw. It rode great and instantly boosted me both as a skimboarder and a beach go-er. Emailed Exile with questions and they responded within hours to make sure I was satisfied with everything.

Great Service
Great Board

Thanks Exile!!!
Review by  Leo
(posted on Jun 25, 2014)
Hi, I accidentally ordered the wrong rocker, is there any way I can change my order?

Hey Leo,
We can generally change the rocker on the board as long as it hasn't been built. For these types of issues e-mail or even better calling is the quickest way to resolve the issue. Phone: 1-949-492-0284
-Exile (HS)
Review by  Catching Feelings
(posted on Jun 16, 2014)
I live in Delaware, I'm 5'8, 125 lbs, very fast, and I'm fairly good at skim boarding. I like to get out to farther waves and wrap around. I want to get a carbon pro shape board. Any suggestions on what size board?

Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For prompter responses, please e-mail We think at 125lbs, you would probably want to look into a MS so you can slide out to those farther waves, while keeping the board maneuverable. We hope this helps! For any further questions please e-mail
-Exile (HS)
Review by  Mike
(posted on Jun 10, 2014)
Great board! Way better than the old board I was using from another company. Super light! Shipped out my board quickly and was riding it by end of the week!
Review by  Domingos
(posted on Apr 25, 2014)
Hi! I live in Portugal and I would like to have a Pro or Hybrid Shape but I still dont know... I would like to have the Double Carbon Fiber, I think is the better choise. I would like to have a fast board but with good floatation board to get to waves far away but I want to have a board that turns easilly on the wave. I am 1,72 metres tall (about 5,64 feet) and I weight 62kg (about 136,6 pounds). Wich type of board should I get and wich thickness to have a fast and with good floating waves but that turn easilly. Help me please.

Hi Domingos,
I think given your height and weight you should choose to go with a MS in 5/8" in either shape you choose. The little bigger size will give you the extra speed and float you're looking for. The 5/8" will make it turn easily. Please direct any further questions to
Review by  sean
(posted on Mar 28, 2014)
i would like to get vertical stripes on the bottom of the board. what should i do to get that?

Hi Sean,
You can simply put any special request for the style of the art in the special request box when ordering. We can take it from there!

Review by  Andrew
(posted on Mar 08, 2014)
I'm using this for skim boarding less than wake surfing. I own a wakesurf board skim style and I use it finless so I've decided to get a new skimboard due to me being able to use them both. My issue is which rocker to get. I know the differences behind them all. Just not sure if I want more speed over less aggressive carves. I can do shuvs and spins if that helps at all.

Hey Andrew,
For prompter responses please e-mail us at We think that you would probably enjoy our Domke Rocker behind the boat a little bit more as it's a little flatter and will be great for maintaining your speed on the wake. While it's slightly less maneuverable than say our Hybrid rocker you can still aggressively turn this rocker. We hope this helps!
Review by  Florida
(posted on Feb 28, 2014)
Hey Exile,

I was just wondering if there was any way you could possibly create a bright blue color for a board?


We can hand mix colors, and make very many different ones than the stock ones we offer. Making them "bright" can be difficult sometimes, but we can probably figure it out. E-mail us at for more information.
Review by  jimmyjeffey
(posted on Jan 27, 2014)
Ive heard and read some great reviews on this exile skimboards..and also, the custom orders. Theyre service are great! well done guys...!
Anyway, im looking for a beginner to intermnediate skimboard that would fit in my size. im 5,10" height and 205 lbs. Any recommendations?
Heres my options onto looking some skimboards...
* Hybrid Shape
* S Glass Epoxy
* 3/4" for more bouyancy (more skimming this time)
* Large size - (10-220lbs) and
* Hybrid rocker.
What do you think, guys? Please help me...

Hey Jimmy,
For board recommendation we always direct people to That being said that board should work just great for you!
-Exile Skimboards
Review by  Ben
(posted on Jan 07, 2014)
Im 6'0 205. what size and thickness should i get?

Hi Ben,
for your weight we would probably recommend either an XXL Hybrid or XL Pro shape in 3/4" tapered thickness. If budget allows you'll definitely benefit from stronger materials like the double carbon fiber epoxy or S-glass epoxy. Please direct further questions to
Review by  Seth0326
(posted on Jan 06, 2014)
I've been skim boarding since I was 6 ad used a Zap skimboard but when I switched it was the best choice ever.. Follow me on Instagram seth0326
Review by  Sam
(posted on Nov 30, 2013)
hey I'm 5'7" and 135 pounds, what size board would i ride, and i have only ridden a small wooden board 35" and i can do aerials and grabs easily. I'm looking for a board that's light, that I can soon learn advanced tricks on and i live in Florida.

Hi Sam,
Given your weight, skill level, and conditions, we would probably recommend a MS Hybrid in 3/4" tapered. All our boards our very light, with our double carbon fiber epoxy clocking in at the lightest. For prompter responses please direct further questions to
Review by  qechelson
(posted on Nov 28, 2013)
im confused on what a rocker is and im interested in getting a new board from you guys, the rocker is the only thing i dont get, im 6 ft 145 and ride the waves what rocker should i get?

The rocker is the curvature of the board. We have three to choose from with our hybrid being the most common and the Sam and Domke rockers being more of a "specialty" style rocker. If you're unsure of what rocker to get on your board, we always recommend the hybrid as it's the most versatile in all conditions. For prompter responses please direct any further questions to
Review by  hashtag
(posted on Nov 21, 2013)
what size board do i need if im 5'11 136lbs


It's really hard to say without actually seeing you skim, or knowing which shape you are looking at. Generally speaking you would more than likely want to look into the Small or Medium Small size in either shape, depending on your speed, skill level, and where you skim. We hope this helps. To better answer your questions please e-mail
Review by  hunter
(posted on Nov 20, 2013)
im about 5'11 136lbs what size board do i need i like speed and im not very good at wraping waves.. i would like your opinion on what i should get what do you ride also

Hi Hunter,
We would probably point you towards a MS Hybrid shape. 3/4" would give you a little additional float, while the 5/8" would give you more maneuverability which could help when turning to wrap waves. The Exile team rides every type of shape we make i.e. Hybrid, Pro, Dude! Cruise, and Chub Scout. It really depends on your skill level, and what you want from the board. The hybrid shape is generally an easier board for beginner to intermediate riders to ride, but still like by top pros like Austin Keen and Blair Conklin. Please direct any further questions to
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