Custom Dude! Cruise Epoxy Skimboard by Exile Skimboards
Custom Dude! Cruise Epoxy Skimboard by Exile Skimboards
Sale price: $420.00

Our Custom Dude! Cruise Epoxy Skimboards are available in 3 different types of reinforcment.Size charts for the Dude! Cruise Shape are available in the following links as well.

Read all about E-Glass Epoxy

Read all about S-Glass Epoxy

Read all about Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy

*Special Note: You are about to order a CUSTOM skimboard. These boards are hand made from the ground up therefore there is some production time needed. Production times vary depending on the time of year, and demand. Even at our busiest, Exile is proud to have the fastest turn around time in the industry. If you have questions, please contact us.

**Special Note: The Customer Review section below is designed as a platform for our valued customers to express feedback regarding our products and services. Any feedback is welcomed!

This section is NOT intended as a platform for answering questions regarding our products and services. At Exile Skimboards, we strive to provide our valued customers with the best customer service possible.

If you have ANY questions regarding our skimboards, we encourage you to e-mail for the most timely response.

Choose the size of your Dude! Cruise.  (SIZE CHART

Grom Cruise (smallest one) 48.50" x 20.40"
Yacht (smaller one): 50.30" x 21.00" Tail points are 5" apart
Cruise Ship (medium one): 50.50" x 21.40" Tail points are 5.5" apart
USS Excelsior (largest one): 52.50" x 22.00" Tail points are 5.5" apart


Please choose the reinforcement fabric to be used in your new skimboard!

Exile offers 3 no cost weight options for our Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy Line of boards. Choose your preferred weight here!

Add Deck Channels as seen on Sam Stinnett's 2016 Pro Model. These channels act as a parabolic rail, increasing the stiffness of the board. They also provide a functional groove for your hand when grabbing the rail of the board.

This option allows for a thinner middle of the board than along the rails to give the board a more 'skatey' feel. It's brand new and highly endorsed by team rider Tim Fulton.

Choose the thickness of your new skimboard.

Choose your preferred color for the top of your skimboard.

Choose the bottom color for your board (if you are going to choose hi-res bottom art, choose "I Want Bottom Art", if you are going to choose resin bottom art, choose "I Want Resin Bottom Art" and put the three colors you want in the special request box)

IF you would like bottom art on your skimboard, choose it here!

High Resolution bottom arts add a little extra weight as well as extra durability to the bottom of the board.

Please choose up to 3 colors for the resin bottom art here, and don't forget to leave us a comment in the special request if you have a particular design in mind...Otherwise we will get wild with it!
Choose which style logo you want on your skimboard.

Choose where you want the logo to be placed on the board.

Choose the color of your logo.

NT™ Finish (new textured finish) has the strength and durability of our classic textured finishe, with great cosmetics for improved looks and no compromise in strength. Less prep need for proper traction adhesion

Textured Finish is Exile's industry leading finish for the past 10 years.

Gloss finishes look pretty and traction sticks to it easily. 

Hybrid rocker comes standard but you may substitute Domke rocker at no additional charge if you like.  Domke rocker is the same rocker profile as the hybrid rocker but with less of it.  This makes the board faster but less manueverable.  Sam rock is the same rocker profile as the hybrid rocker but with more of it. This makes the board more manueverable, especially in larger conditions, but slightly slower. The Sam and Domke rockers are recommended to experienced riders who want to maximize speed or performance.
Check here If you have a special request.
If there is anything special you want with your custom board order, please tell us here.  If we have questions we will contact you.

Customer Reviews

Review by  Robbie
(posted on Sep 21, 2014)
Hey, I'm 5' 4" 100 pounds I live in Alabama on the gulf and I already have a pro model but I would like a board that I could ride smaller waves and liners. What board and size do u recommend?

RESPONSE: Hey Robbie, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards. For more prompter responses to questions, please email If you already have a pro model, then I would consider checking out our Dude Cruise line of boards. The Dude Cruise is perfect for small liners and waves, but works well in any conditions. The board is wider and shorter then the average skimboard. This helps a lot with float and being quite stable when riding waves. Being that the board is wider, this also helps with popping and landing tricks as well. The Dude Cruise comes in three sizes: The Grom Cruise, The Yacht, The Cruise Ship, The USS Excelsior. If you weigh in at 100 lbs. then I would go with The Grom Cruise. It holds up to 135 lbs. If you want to see what the actual shape, check out our website If you have any more questions please feel free to email us at or give us a call at (949)-492-0284.

Review by  Steffan
(posted on Jul 28, 2014)
Hey i am filling out the specs for a custom dude cruise and i cant decide on the type of logo is there any way i can actually see the different logo designs because i dont know what some of them look like. Thanks

Response: Hey Steffan, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For any further questions, please email There is a way to see the different logo options. If you go onto our online website,, it will then take you to our homepage. Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and you will see a small picture of our online catalog. You should be able to view the catalog online without having to download Adobe PDF Viewer or any other program like that. Go to Page 007 and you should see all the logo options we currently have. For any further questions, please email

Review by  Will
(posted on Jul 10, 2014)
I'm fine to pay the money for the carbon fiber but is it really that much better then s-glass?? Is it really worth the extra $45??

RESPONSE: Our double carbon fiber epoxy skimboards are widely regarded as the best skimboards money can buy, which is a reason why most top skimboarders choose to ride these boards. Double Carbon Fiber boards are stronger and stiffer than the S-glass. If you skim often and want the best then it's definitely worth the extra money. Our S-glass boards are still amazing boards.
Review by  Jack
(posted on Jul 09, 2014)
I'm thinking of getting this board with the dura weight but I was wondering how it'll effect the float and speed of the board

Hi Jack, Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! For more prompter responses to questions, please email Our DuraWeight™ should not effect the overall float on the board. The DuraWeight™ however does cut down a little bit on the responsiveness of turning and maneuvering the board. For any further questions,please email

Review by  Willis
(posted on Mar 27, 2014)
Review by  Sam P
(posted on Dec 02, 2013)
I have a quick question about the Domke and Sam Rockers, I usually am skim boarding in the Outer Banks in North Carolina which rocker would be better considering I am used to riding a pro model. please get back to me as soon as possible

Hi Sam P,
For prompt question answering please direct questions to
That's a tricky questions as any of our rockers would work fine for the conditions in the Outer Banks. It's more of what you want to get out of the board. The Domke Rocker is flatter, and therefore faster when planing out to waves. It is also slightly less maneuverable. The Sam Rocker has more rocker, and therefore turns on a dime, especially in bigger conditions. It is also slightly slower. The hybrid rocker is the median between the two.
Review by  J.Paul U.
(posted on Nov 11, 2013)
I am going to order a dude cruise soon, but first, what does competition weight mean? And if I choose to have a thicker board, what will that do?
Thanks, -J.Paul

Hi J.Paul,
We're stoked to hear that you will be getting a board from us soon. Our Competition Weight™ option for our double carbon fiber epoxy boards are our attempt to make the lightest boards on earth even lighter. This creates and incredibly fast, and responsive board. It does come at the cost of a tiny bit of strength however. Thicker boards float better at the cost of a tiny bit of maneuverability. We hope this helps! Please direct any and all further questions to
Review by  Sam F
(posted on Oct 06, 2013)
Hey guys i saw your video and i really want to get one!! I live in nh and am a serious skimmer. I currently have a morgan just pro model and now i need something with more float for small waves. Which bottom art do u guys recommend? im looking at the hexa awesome right now!

Hi Sam,
Please e-mail where we can help you get dialed into a board that will provide you more float. The Hexa awesome bottom art looks great, and has been very popular. We hope this helps!
Review by  Exile Skimboards
(posted on Aug 28, 2013)
To Our Valued Customers,

We try to answer questions as quickly as possible. Customer reviews are not the best place to have your questions answered in a thorough and timely manner.
Please direct any and all questions to

Review by  Tkelly
(posted on Aug 05, 2013)
I'm about 6'2 at between 210- 215 lbs. would the USS excelsior size be better for speed?

We think the USS Excelsior would definitely be the route to go for you size and weight. Please let us know if you have any other questions to
We hope this helps!
Review by  matt
(posted on Jul 18, 2013)
I Skimmed the cruise ship a while back and never stopped thinking about im Looking to buy the USS about 200 lbs, skim the west coast of fl. Need to reach far out sometimes and durability is a must. Will the 3/4 taper lose any strength from the full 3/4 ? And how will a texture and tapered USS excelsior be weight wise?

Hey Matt,
We apologize for the late reply. For prompter responses we definitely suggest e-mailing or calling us. Anyways, as to your questions...
The 3/4" tapered thickness will be just as strong as a full 3/4" (we actually taper all our 3/4" boards in the nose and tail, unless specifically asked not to) so I don't think that's something to be overly concerned about. If strength and durability is a must we would recommend going with our double carbon fiber epoxy boards as they tend to be the most durable and lightest overall. Boards can vary in weight since they are all hand made, but in general you're looking about about 4-4.5 lbs. We hope this helps!
Review by  stanaland little bro
(posted on Jun 27, 2013)
its awesome even for a regular board
Review by  Trevor
(posted on Jun 11, 2013)
If I get glow green on the top then I cannot get bottom art?

For the high resolution bottom arts we recommend lighter colors for the top, as there tends to be white pigment that shows up along the rails. Lighter colors help to hide/mask that. If that's not an issue for you, then you are more than welcome to choose any color you like.
Review by  Noah
(posted on May 29, 2013)
Thank you very much, this helped alot!
Review by  Noah
(posted on May 28, 2013)
If I don't choose bottom art and two just regular colors, how long would it take to ship to the panhandle on the gulf coast of Florida?

Hi Noah,

Bottom arts don't affect the production time of boards at all. Normally, once we have the order it's about two weeks until the board is ready to ship, and then another 5 or so business days to ship to the Gulf Coast. Of course we have a number of retailers along the Gulf, and boards in stock and ready to go ourselves if you need a board more quickly. We hope this helps! Please direct any further questions to

Review by  Nicolas
(posted on May 11, 2013)
hey you guys send to brazil ? thanks . send me an email.

Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! Unfortunately we can not ship boards directly to Brazil due to high shipping and customs fees. We do however have a distributor in Rio, who has boards in stock and ready to go, or can help you in placing a custom order. His e-mail is
Please direct any further questions to him or us at

Review by  772LongBoarding
(posted on Apr 23, 2013)
Hey exile, I live on East FL and we get nice waves maybe around 1 to sometimes 5 ft waves and we get strong east winds most the time, So i want the comp weight but I also want a bang from buck and a board that will not break, as it says "for the cost of strength" I'm worried it might wear and tear easier or might snap. PLEASE HELP!

Thank you for your interest in Exile Skimboards! Unfortunately, there always has to be a little give and take in the composites world. Our competition weight boards are the lightest boards we make, and probably in the world. This makes them incredibly responsive. It does come at the cost of a little strength. By that we mean that you couldn't expect them to last as long as a standard double carbon fiber epoxy, but they also aren't going to fall apart in your hands. We tend offer that they might not be the best board for someone who is incredibly hard on their board or skims windy conditions on a regular basis. But, if you want the sickest skimboard out there, and aren't too concerned if you don't have it forever, then it IS the board for you. We hope that helps! Please direct any further questions to
Review by  rudy
(posted on Mar 29, 2013)
how big is extra extra small and grom crusie


The Grom Cruise Measures 48.5" x 20.4". The Extra Extra Small Hybrid Shape measures 46.62" x 19.62" and the Extra Extra Small Pro Shape measures 48.38" x 19.38". Please direct any other questions to Thanks!
Review by  HH
(posted on Mar 19, 2013)
I skim on water with not many waves and is mostly just water over sand. I want the dude cruise! But what thickness should I get if I don't have many waves? Or should I even get the dude cruise with barely many waves? Please give me advice

While the Dude! Cruise shape can be used in all conditions, the Dude! Cruise excels in smaller, weaker conditions like you described. Because it's wider throughout, there is more planing surface which helps the board keep speed. You would probably also enjoy the 3/4" tapered thickness for additional float. We hope this helps! Please direct any further questions to Thanks!
Review by  bamaskimmychick
(posted on Nov 06, 2012)
already rode a friends dude cruise for a couple of days, effin killer! i wrapped waves effortlessly. ordering one right now. lets goooooooooooooo !
Review by  ObxSkimrrr
(posted on Oct 06, 2012)
This board is a bitt hard too get used to the feel but once you get it you will be gettin the best airs, the best lines, the best barrels. I promise you will show anyone up!!!
(posted on Sep 18, 2012)
Review by  Jared
(posted on Sep 17, 2012)
I weigh 90 lbs. i skim on the west coast of florida. The waves are like waist high and break pretty close. Should i get 3/4"
or 5/8"?

Thickness is a lot of personal preference, and slightly depends on the types of waves you skim. We would say that in general 3/4" is pretty popular on the West Coast of Florida. However, at your weight and considering that you are getting a Dude! Cruise which is pretty wide you may want to consider the 5/8" for extra maneuverability. We hope this helps. Please direct any further questions to - Exile
Review by  MoemoeFasho
(posted on Aug 21, 2012)
Hey, I've seen the Dude! Cruise Video and I'm dying to get one, I probably will once I get paid. It seems like the perfect board for me. I could not find the color catalog but I was wondering if you guys could replicate the Dude! Cruise in this youtube video. At 00:37 seconds is where the board I want to replicate begins to show. The top and bottom are different colors.

We think you will definitely enjoy the Dude! Cruise as we've had outstanding reviews from team riders and customers alike. The colors are glow green for the top, and Salmon for the bottom. You can find our color swatches in our 2012 catalog here:

Please direct all questions to - Exile
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