Skim Fiesta San Diego

It looks like the boys are going to run the annual Skim Fiesta this Sunday, February 17th! It’s an open contest to all amateur riders with an open pro demo session as well. Riders of all skills are welcome to come join. This is a very relaxed atmosphere not your typical every day contest. The idea is to unite the skim community of San Diego and it’s surrounding areas. Last year a handful of our riders made it down to the contest and caught some fun siders and secondaries. Here’s a shot of Tomas Frymann, Exile Team rider and Skim Fiesta co-organizer ripping the absolute heck out of The Wall in San Diego where the contest is held. For directions simply look up the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla. The beach is directly below and there is public parking and beach access. The fun starts 11am but show up as early as you please. There’s a fun Harlem Shake theme so dress to impress for bonus points.


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