Tom Bracht

Birthdate: 02/24 1990
Stance: Regular
Hometown: Middletown, PA
Resides: Bethany Beach, DE when not attending school in St. Augustine, FL
Skimboarding Since: 1998
Home Break: Southside, DE
Favorite Skim Spot: Southside, but VBAH is a close 2nd
Instagram: @BrachtBro


L Chub Scout

"I would rather have extra float than not enough. The Chub Scout was my brother and I's first design and I absolutely love it. It's short, fat, flat and fast! It excels in all conditions from big Aliso to mile long Delaware Liners."

"3/4" Dbl Carbon Fiber Epoxy with Taper. NT Finish. Competition Weight because I like my boards to be as light as humanly possible."

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