Tim Fulton Progression Video

Tim Fulton is heavily influenced by fast-paced skateboarding, and is not known to hold back.  He skims with an aggressive style, popping his tricks effortlessly in any situation.   Tim is known for being an innovator in the sport of skimboarding, bringing new tricks to the water that were previously only meant for the streets.  Here’s the combination of years of tireless effort and progression.  Put together by Tony Bianchi of Toeknee Media  this edit is a taste of the future in skimboarding.

Tim Fulton Progression In Skimboarding – Exile SkimboardsTim Fulton is known for skimboarding fast with a focus on innovation.  Take a few minutes and check out this edit put together by Toeknee Media.  Stoked!

Posted by Exile Skimboards on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ride the Hybrid Shape, Just like Tim


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