Small Chub Scout™ 3/4" E-Glass Epoxy Skimboard - Cosmetic Blem

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Chub Scout™

The Chub Scout™ was designed by the Bracht Brothers, Tom and Dave, and is geared with East Coast (U.S.) conditions in mind, although it's been proven in all types of conditions. This board has a wider mid-point, which maximizes the side-slipping and float capabilities. It is longer and narrower through the nose, giving it lots of drive down the line. The larger surface area provides a ton of pop for tricks and keeps its speed when riding out of them.


50.25" x 21.25" 100 - 155 lbs.

E-glass Epoxy Construction

Our E-glass Epoxy boards are the best E-glass reinforced fiberglass skimboards money can buy! These boards are built the exact same way as our world famous carbon fiber skimboards, just without the carbon. Of course you can get it in every shape, thickness and color combination we offer and you can feel confident knowing that you own the best eglass fiberglass skimboard in the world.

3/4" Full Thickness

3/4" Full thickness has no tapering in the nose and tail. It's ideal for the rider looking for as much float as possible. It excels in small to medium wave conditions. This thickness will be the least responsive.

Hybrid Rocker

The Hybrid Rocker is what we put on 90% of the boards we produce, and is the most versatile skimboard rocker for skimming anything from the Gulf Coast of Florida to Cabo. It clocks in roughly at 2.25" in the nose and about .125" in the tail with a fairly good size flat spot in the middle of the board. This allows the board to transition from sand to water easily, be super fast, and turn on a dime. If you aren't sure, this would be our pick!

Standard Build

Our industry leading standard build

Textured Finish

Light, Strong, Durable, and preferred by riders who put more emphasis on performance than cosmetics. This is the finish the company was built on, and the golden standard which others imitate. Some sanding required for proper traction adhesion.

Flat Deck

This deck option is the standard skimboard deck option seen on most skimboards.

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