Primary Board Setup

My main setup is a 42" Double Carbon Hornet shape in CompWeight. The Hornet is a great blend of the Pro Shape and the Hybrid. The narrower tail really rounds out turns in the pocket, and the wider nose helps keep speed over flat sections. I had this one shaped with a convex (domed) deck, and that little extra foam makes a huge difference hydroplaning. Get yourself one!

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Secondary Board Setup

My backup sled is a custom Double Carbon Hybrid shape. I use this in smaller conditions, and I had the guys make it with the Domke rocker instead of the normal Hybrid. Flat deck on this one.

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Colton Ettwein

Birthdate March 2, 2010
Stance Goofy
Hometown Carlsbad, California
Resides Ocean Ridge, Florida
Skimboarding Since 2016
Home Break Boynton Inlet or in front of my house
Favorite Skim Spots Mainland Mexico & Dewey Beach
Sponsors Alley Oop, Catch Surf, GROM, Elev8, Island Water Sports, White Pelican Sunscreen
Accomplishments 2017 & 2018 SkimUSA Tour Champion
2017 & 2018 Zap Amateur World Champion
Social Media @skimbunctious