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Brad Domke Skimdonesia Full Edit

Brad Domke Skimdonesia Full Edit

Brad Domke has released the full version of Skimdonesia and it's a must watch. Dylan Palmer was there to film/edit the revolutionary adventures of Brad paddling in on his skim and stepping off soft tops to knife into some heavy Indonesian slabs, and playful Dreamland gems.

These words from the legend himself, Brad Domke: "Indonesia has been on my dream list of trips for my entire life. It has the best waves, the best people, the best food, all in all it's for sure my new favorite place to go in the world and so amped to present Skimdonesia, documenting my first 2 month trip to Indo, starting in August 2016. Alongside my best friend/filmer/editor Dylan Palmer and my other best friend Homey, we decided it was time and pulled the trigger on our dream trip. Since Bill Bryan went in the 90s it has been on my mind to explore the waves there with my skimboard and discover what the possibilities are. Skimdonesia was never intended to be anything but a cool name, until we were in the middle of the trip, scoring non-stop waves (and clips), and it all clicked, we should make a movie out of this.

During the trip we were cruising with our new friends and Indonesian family, Rizal Tandjung and his amazing wife and kids, Marlon Gerber, Betet Merta, Pepen Hendrik, and Ben Benson. I didn't know what to expect going into the trip, whether people would be stoked on the skim or not, but everyone was amped on it and had a super positive attitude about it, and most were actually keen to try. It was so cool how interested everyone was in the skimboard, just about everyone that gave it a go did really well and had fun.

From board transfers to run, drop, slide skimboarding, we covered it all. From cruising with Derek Ho at Deserts and him riding the skimboard with fins, to hanging with my good friend Tom Curren and his customized skimboard that I gave him for Christmas, and everything in between, this is Skimdonesia, I hope you all enjoy!"

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