Exile Surfboards?

Exile Surfboards?

Blair Conklin came to us earlier this year and asked if we could possibly re-create one of his all-time favorite surfboard shapes. Obviously, this was something slightly outside our 'wheelhouse', but we are always up for a challenge. So with the original shaper's permission and blessing, we set out to build Blair a prototype. After a strike mission to Nicaragua and a whole lot of waves under his belt, Blair gave us his stamp of approval to move forward with a production model. 

We are pleased to reveal the Blair Conklin Signature Surfboard! 

Shaped out of traditional PU foam and traditionally glassed in a standard surfboard layup, the Blair Conklin Signature Surfboard features a single concave to produce lift and help set the rail in the face of the wave, and features a thruster Futures Fins™ setup, which helps it excel in everything from small beach break type waves to overhead barreling conditions. This short board is a great addition to any surfer's quiver!



  • Traditional PU and E-Glass Surfboard Construction
  • 3 Fin Thruster Futures Fins™ Setup
  • Single Concave to Produce Added Lift and Help With Setting Your Rail
  • Wider Nose for Increased Paddle Power and Forgiveness
  • Blair Conklin's Stamp of Approval


  • 5'10" X 20.00" X 2.5" - 32.05 Liters of Volume

We've built a limited run of 10 boards. So pick yours up while they last, and be the first to own a Blair Conklin Signature Surfboard!

5'10" Blair Conklin Signature Surfboard


*Due to the relatively large size of the board boxes, shipping is limited to the Continental U.S. and Hawaii.