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Sunning Fun for Stop #1

Sunning Fun for Stop #1

The team aligned in Sununga for the first stop of the United Skim Tour for 2016. Our healthy crew of Brazilian riders were on hand to do battle with the World. Riders from Portugal, the US, Mexico and more took on Sununga. Blair Conklin and Perry Pruitt did battle in the Semi's to see who would match up against Renato or Pablo Marreco, and the local legend Renato Lima showed his knowledge of the home break and would meet Blair in the Final. Renato and Blair dove into an epic battle, but it seemed like Renato's timing and wave selection were truly in tune this week, and he was able to stabilize a solid lead and make it tough for Blair to catch up. Congratulations to Renato for his first win at Sununga, and a well earned congratulations to Blair Conklin for his runner up finish. Blair has now made the final every year at Sununga, no easy task and something to be admired. Below are pictures from our Brazilian distributor, and one of our go to photographers, Andre Magarao. Thanks to Marcos Castaluber for putting on an epic first event to the year! AM-0590 AM-0609 AM-0631 AM-6307 AM-6320 AM-6321 AM-6323 AM-6337 AM-6341 AM-6262 AM-6268 AM-0732 AM-0748 AM-0847 AM-0879 AM-0934 AM-0973 AM-1009 AM-1025 AM-1048 AM-1065 AM-1130 AM-1164 AM-1212 AM-1220 AM-1230 AM-1234 AM-1326 AM-1344  

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