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The CX1 - Carbon Fiber at a Fraction of the Cost

The CX1 - Carbon Fiber at a Fraction of the Cost

When Exile Skimboards started in 2002 we were able to offer the most attainable Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy skimboards on the market. This combined with a reputation for building high quality boards quickly put us at the forefront of the skimboarding world! 

A lot has changed in the 20+ years since then, and while we still offer the most competitively priced skimboards across the board, our Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy boards are a far cry from the pricing of 2002.

Until NOW!

We are super pleased to introduce the CX1 into our lineup.

By streamlining some of our manufacturing processes and utilizing cutting-edge composite techniques, Exile is able to offer the only quality, handcrafted Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy skimboard for under $500 in the world.

And it comes in our wildly popular Hybrid and Blairacuda™ Shapes.

Like all things, there are gives and takes with anything.

The CX1 IS slightly heavier than our standard Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy skimboards, and we want to be very upfront with that.

The other main difference is the CX1 is limited in the more customizable options that are available in our higher end Carbon Fiber offerings.


  • A Full Sheet of Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber on the top and bottom
  • Premium Epoxy Resin
  • S-Glass Reinforced Bottom
  • Reinforce with multiple layers of fiberglass
  • High Density PVC Foam Core
  • Double Wrapped Rails
  • Matte Gloss Finish (For simple traction application)

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a CX1 and see for yourself!

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