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What is the G.O.A.T Construction™? Learn Here

What is the G.O.A.T Construction™? Learn Here

 When Exile formed in 2002, and we released our industry leading double carbon fiber epoxy skimboard, our skimboards quickly became regarded as the lightest, strongest and most high performing skimboards available to both professional and "every day" riders. This is a reputation we've certainly been proud of and hold in very high regard. Since then, we've had the pleasure of building skimboards for a majority of the world's best riders, and almost anyone involved in the sport. 

Skimboarding has certainly changed in many ways since those early days in Exile's formation, and quite frankly what riders are doing on boards now, simply blows our minds.

One thing hasn't changed...We believe having well made, reliable equipment under your feet is crucial if you want to push the limits of your riding.

With riders pushing the limits of their athlete ability and the equipment under their feet, we heard calls from a few of our top athletes like Austin Keen, Blair Conklin, and Lucas Fink for stronger boards that were as light or lighter than anything we had ever offered.

With these request in mind, in early 2019, we set out to create a new, superior, way to construct our skimboards that was better than our industry leading Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy construction. Our goal was to create a board construction that was similar in weight to our Competition Weight™ glass option available in the Double Carbon Fiber Epoxies without any sacrifice in strength or reputation that these board's had achieved over the past 20 years.

We then secretly put this construction under the feet of all these riders and waited for feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive!

And thus the G.O.A.T Construction™ was born...

So what exactly is the G.O.A.T Construction™ you ask?

It's 3 layers of carbon fiber reinforced exclusively with S-Glass Fiberglass, which is 30% lighter and stiffer than conventional fiberglass, and then laminated with aerospace grade epoxy resin around a ultra-high density, light weight, foam core...And then we throw in a few secret ingredients for good measure in true Exile fashion!

Honestly, it's going to be tough to find anything comparable from anyone else.

Do we have your attention yet? 



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