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We’ve Gone Soft - Introducing The EX1 Softy

We’ve Gone Soft - Introducing The EX1 Softy

While we are constantly striving to build the best high performance skimboards on Earth, we want to offer an array of skimboards for riders at any skill level. We are pleased to introduce the EX1 Softy, the world first high performance “soft” skimboard, starting at just $249!

Now, “Softy”, is a bit of a misnomer as these skimboards actually still have a hard fiberglass bottom, foam core, and hard deck shell. The deck is then wrapped in a soft EVA foam ( the same material that most traction pads are made with) making for a slightly softer deck and rail edge, not to mention built-in traction if you so choose!

This combination makes the EX1 Softy a skimboard that is slightly softer and potentially safer* for the rider learning to skim, while giving them the performance of a traditional hard fiberglass skimboard.

Key Features of the EX1 Softy Model:

  • E-Glass Epoxy Construction
  • Soft EVA Foam Deck and Rails
  • Hard Fiberglass Bottom and Inner Deck
  • Built-in Traction (Traction Pads Will Adhere to the Deck).
  • 3 Sizes to fit Most Riders



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