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          Pro Models

            ShtShow Party Tail Pad

            The ShtShow Party Pad is Morgan Leavel's Pro Model Tail Pad.  Morgan is the best surfer in the entire world right now.  A young aspiring lawyer from deep in the North...

            Primo Hawaii Tail Pad

            Nothing beats the hot sandy beaches of Hawaii.  Except for enjoying a cold refreshing Primo while on said hot sandy beaches.  Show your love for the islands, and for Hawaiian Beer,...

            Pizza Tail Pad

            Pizza is the perfect representation of life.  To love pizza, is to fall in love.  To fall in love is to live.  Live your life properly.  Put as many of this...

            Kalani Robb OG Cheetah Tail Pad

            Are you a sexual beast?  Do you ride your wave machine like a tango dancer cuts the dance floor?  No?  Good, get this pad anyways.  Kalani Robb endorses it and he's...