Back to the Future with the RetroFish

Back to the Future with the RetroFish

The RetroFish is here, and it's simply amazing.  An ode to yesteryears with many touches of the current times.  The RetroFish is your next skimboard.  


Blair Conklin, Paulo Prietto, Harley Nelson and others have been sampling the RetroFish for months, and the jury is in.  It's faster than lightning and it brings a smile to your face every time you jump on.  


What more could you want from a skimboard?  Fast side slipping, holds the pocket great, and is quick as all hell down the line.  You'll be drawing lines like Rob Machado on April 20th, with this thing. 

Make the RetroFish your next skimboard from Exile. 


Trust Exile Skimboards.