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The Hornet Shape - A Fine Tuned Machine

The Hornet Shape - A Fine Tuned Machine

The Hornet Shape is born of a little idea inside the brain of Paulo Prietto, and fine-tuned under the skilled eye of Tim Fulton.  Paulo has been high strung on the Hybrid Shape for the last couple years.  But he was longing for that narrower nose and tail feel of the Pro Shape.  


What to do, what to do... Well, we made a Unicorn, and called it the Hornet!  We pulled in the nose and tail a tiny bit on a Hybrid shape, and what happened was magical.  The Hornet skimboard shape is out of this world.  It's based on the Hybrid shape, which is arguably the most versatile shape in skimboard history.  The pulled in nose and tail make the board that much more precise. 

In the words of Paulo Prietto, "the pulled in tail is muy sexy.  I love the feel of it's hold in steep, barreling waves." 

Tim Fulton chimed in saying, "what got me going was how responsive, sharper and how it cut through water faster than my Hybrid shape."

Two legends, that know what they're talking about.  Ride the Hornet in the same size you would ride your Hybrid skimboard.  You'll love it. 


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