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One of the most common questions we get here at the factory is about the 'paint' we use on our skimboards. 

The fact is, that our boards aren't painted at all! The colors come from pigmentation that's added to the resin when the board is being built and are built into the board itself. 

For almost all colors, we mix these by hand in small batches at the time the board is constructed. Therefore the hue, tone, etc...can and will vary literally from board to board.

Obviously we will do our best to match the colors as closely as possible if you are ordering a custom skimboard with us, but please know that variances are a possibility. 

Additionally if you have multiple colors on a board i.e. resin bottom art the colors are going to mix and bleed into one another, which can also cause the board to have additional colors not chosen. For instance if you chose red and blue for the bottom colors, there's a distinct possibility that there will also be some purple in the bottom due to the construction process. 

*Additionally, if you have picked either the Double Carbon Epoxy or G.O.A.T Construction™, these boards are built with Carbon Fiber, which is inherently black by nature. Due to our construction process, some of this black color will 'show' along the rails and possibly even the top of the board. This is completely normal! Competition Weight™ and G.O.A.T Construction™ Tend to show more of the carbon fiber than other boards, and lighter colors can be affected by this.

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