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Deck Options

Deck Options

We offer three Deck Options for our EX2 and Carbon Fiber Skimboard Models, Flat, Concave and Convex illustrated above.

Most riders are going to want to choose the standard Flat deck option as this is how 99% of all skimboards are built and what feels the most comfortable to most riders. 

The Concave options makes the boards slightly thinner in the middle. This gives the board a feel that it's a little closer to the water, and also gives it a little more of a 'skatey' type of feel overall.

The Convex options is slightly higher in the middle and tapers in all directions towards the rails. This gives the board a little buoyancy comparable to 3/4'' Tapered, but comparable responsiveness to a 5/8".

* For both the Concave and Convex options we highly recommend only choosing this option if a) you've ridden one and know that you like how it feels under your feet, or b) just want to experiment and/or add something new and different to your quiver.

** Note that both Concave and Convex options are either/or in conjunction with your thickness choice, but not both. i.e. You could either have the Concave option or 3/4'' Tapered, but not both.  

Now for the fun Stuff...Colors!

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