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Domke at Cylinders

Domke at Cylinders

It's no secret that Brad Domke has been making Cylinders his home for the past month or so. Maybe it's the sandbar being set up properly. Maybe it's Brad's unmatched patience and focus. Either way, he's been scratching into some absolute bombs with surgical precision. With the aid of a soft top longboard, Brad sits hours upon hours waiting for even one wave per session. Then it comes. It sweeps slightly more from the West than the normal S/SW sets that are heaving down along the jetty. Finally, Brad positions his Double Dagger towards the front of the soft top, turns and positions himself in a calculated chaotic spot in the wave. A few paddles, and he's stepping off his soft top onto his skim. Deciphering where he'll start his bottom turn, whether it's gas or brakes. In a moment it's bliss or bail, and the World moves in slow motion for Brad for those few seconds of euphoria. Watch it all happen here in this amazing video by Brent Weldon.  
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