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Our Rocker Profiles

Our Rocker Profiles

The rocker of the board refers to it's overall curvature. This feature has a dramatic effect on how your skimboard will perform!

Luckily for you, our owners Aaron Peluso, who has a major in physics, and Andy Chiavetta, who builds some pretty incredible airplanes, (both of which are no slouches on a skimboard), and in collaboration with our very first team riders mostly figured this out for you over 20 years ago.

We build probably 95% of our skimboards with our Hybrid Rocker (Yes, we realize that it's a little confusing to have a rocker and shape with the same name!). Simply put, this rocker is super versatile and, honestly if you're not sure, just pick this one! You won't be disappointed...This is the same rocker we put on all of Blair Conklin, Austin Keen, and most of our team riders' boards...

Sam Stinnett prefers a little more rocker in his boards, and after a couple World Titles, it was hard for us to deny that it works incredibly well, especially in the bigger and steeper conditions Sam is accustomed to. Boards built with this rocker have a touch more nose rocker, and arguably have slightly more 'pop' and fit in the face of steeper waves slightly better, at the cost of some overall board speed. 

The Domke rocker was developed for Brad Domke during all the years he rode our boards. It's slightly flatter than our Hybrid Rocker, and produces a board that's a little faster overall, but can be slightly harder to ride, especially on steeper slopes and while side slipping. Skimboards with this rocker tend to work a little better on flatter beaches, and where the waves are a little less steep. 

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