What is 'Glass Weight'

What is 'Glass Weight'

This option is only available in our Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy Construction option. We have the ability to slightly alter the weight of your skimboard as a "no cost" option depending on the demands of the board.

Our Standard weight option is the way we've built our Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy skimboards from the beginning. As is, they are lighter than most skimboards on the market and sufficiently tough and durable for just about anyone!

We introduced our Competition Weight™ option for riders who wanted an extremely light weight option compared to our standard build. This results in a board that's a little lighter and more responsive at the cost of some overall strength. Riders that are choosing this option should expect a board that's as light and high performance as any board we make, and also not expect them to last as long as a board glassed in our standard weight option. 

Our Duraweight™ option is the antithesis to the Competition Weight™. These boards tend to be a little heavier, which is ideal for riders in windier conditions or riders who are a little tougher on their boards, and ''should" last riders a little longer overall. 

If you want the culmination of over 20 years of skimboard construction that combines light weight and strength we recommend looking into the G.O.A.T Construction™!

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