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Skimboard Size Chart - Exile Skimboards

Skimboard Size Chart - Exile Skimboards

In skimboarding, speed is everything.  Riding waves is the goal, but no matter what shape you are riding, if you don't have speed...  you aren't going to be shredding waves.

So, as you might expect choosing the right size skimboard is absolutely critical.  Please see the chart below which will provide physical size and weight recommendations for various shapes we offer.

skimboard size chart

As you can see, many of the sizes have overlapping weight ranges.  This is because picking the right size skimboard depends greatly on the kinds of conditions you plan to skimboard in, not to mention the ability of the rider. 

If you are in weaker waves such as those typical of the east coast, a slow runner, a novice, or all three... get a board on the large size of the recommended weight range.   

Conversely, if you are a fast running, advanced skimboarder who rides primarily strong powerful waves like those in Laguna Beach or Cabo, you will probably enjoy a skimboard a smaller size skimboard.

For the Sizes and weight ranges for our Blairacuda™ Model Click HERE.

For the sizes and weight ranges for our Hornet™ Shape click HERE

THICKNESS:   Keep in mind that thickness of the board also comes into play!  We offer 5/8" (thin), 3/4" tapered to 5/8" (medium), and 3/4" (thick) as standard options.  Thicker boards will have more float than thinner boards, and hence behave more like a larger board, even if the size is exactly the same.

These are not hard and fast rules.  The above chart is only our recommendation.  There are many accomplished skimboarders who prefer skimboards outside the recommended weight ranges, and excel riding them.  Want something really big and floaty?  Don't be afraid to size up!

Just to make sure you are stoked on the possibilities, here is some video of Blair Conklin filmed from above, showing us how to properly utilize the perfect size skimboard.

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